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Kevin Kennemer delivers talks about our modern workplace with compelling stories, documented research and applicable recommendations. Presentation options below:

How Leaders Create Great Places to Work

There is untapped energy waiting to be released inside organizations that plug into the benefits of positive people practices (P3). Building a positive company culture should be high on your list of priorities. Utilizing real workplace stories, documented evidence and a lot of humor, Kevin will show how great places to work outperform their competition and provide higher returns to shareholders.


  • Create a gravitational pull of qualified candidates for open positions
  • Retain your best talent
  • Circulate positive energy throughout your company
  • Generate positive media coverage
  • Build a high level of trust between employees and leaders.

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

How to Live with Integrity in a Toxic World of Work

Don’t allow a corporate scandal destroy your company’s reputation or future. Most corporate executives at the center of scandals ask this question: “How did I allow myself to get pulled into this situation?”  Kevin Kennemer’s presentation illustrates how even good people can perform unethical, and even evil, acts in the face of group or authoritarian pressure. A number of videos are used to reinforce the power of peer pressure.


  • Examine human experiments of the past and the important lessons they provide concerning the impact of group behavior
  • Relate ethics with the current state of the American workplace
  • Determine the ethical impact of healthy and toxic company cultures
  • How to maintain integrity and ethical decision-making under pressure
  • Implement strategies for business leaders to promote ethical work environments.

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

How to Create a Jerk Free Workplace

Although the audience will have loads of fun with this topic, it is a very serious issue, especially to employees who are confronted daily by a company jerk. It is not illegal to be a jerk in the American workplace. And once you hire one they multiply like rabbits. Kevin Kennemer will discuss the costly impact of employing jerks in the workplace.  Once embedded inside your organization, they know how to get what they want at the expense of their fellow workers. They kiss up the corporate ladder and kick people below them. Playing nice is not on their agenda. In fact, jerks are really not concerned about your company. Their focus is on themselves while the company pays a high price.


  • Learn the definition of jerk behavior
  • Identify the costs of employing a jerk
  • Understand why companies employ jerks
  • Learn how to neutralize a jerk
  • Learn how to build a civilized workplace
  • Learn seven steps to enforce the Jerk-Free Workplace policy

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

How to Avoid a Toxic Workplace

This session is specifically geared for professionals in the job market. Kevin Kennemer presents a number of issues for job seekers to consider. Finding a job is not the most important criteria. Finding a job in the right company environment with people-centric leaders is the most important job hunting criteria.


  • Learn the power of a company’s environment
  • Suggestions and strategies for the interview process
  • Learn the signs of a toxic company culture
  • Learn how toxic workplaces and stress impact your health
  • Review the latest statistics on toxic behavior in the American workplace

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

Embracing a Crisis Creates Humility

No matter our position, life deals in drama. This presentation is Kevin Kennemer’s personal story about living the dream as an executive of the fifth largest private company in the United States. As chief human resources officer for this International company, he had great responsibility, along with many benefits. Kevin’s dream job, however, turned into a nightmare when he began to observe disturbing behavior among the executive ranks.

After raising warning flags at the top of the organization, Kevin was forced to leave. This seemingly stable company filed bankruptcy seven months later, devastating thousands of employees, vendors, suppliers, investors, along with the community. In this presentation, Kevin asks and answers the following questions:

  • Why me?
  • How do you get through a crisis?
  • Why should you embrace a crisis?
  • How do you become a better person on the other side of a crisis?

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

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