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What Others Say

“The People Group has handled several compensation survey projects for our organization. Each has been done at a high level of excellence. Kevin Kennemer listens carefully to our needs and produces a very functional and accurate document.”

Cary S.

“Kevin Kennemer with The People Group helped us focus our energy on building trust in our workplace. Trust is a powerful, positive force that allowed us to create an award-winning best place to work.”

Michael H.

“Kevin Kennemer’s company culture sessions are one of the best things I have done for my staff.”

Shauna M.
HR Executive

“Kevin Kennemer is a relentless advocate for true organizational health and knows how to develop and drive processes that promote a positive company culture.”

Bart B.

“Dear Kevin, thank you for your help with my IT Leadership Team. All of them have remarked to me, both individually and in team meetings, how much better they are able to communicate with each other – and in reality how much more they trust each other. This is due to your efforts with us. We still have a ways to go, but I feel like we are over one (if not “the”) major hurdle for us to get better.”

Vic A.
IT Executive

“Thank you for revealing what an amazing journey you have gone through. It not only shows the strength of your character and integrity, but it is so convicting, in a good way. Words I need to read, a message I need to live by!  I am growing, learning and enjoying every word you write!”

Margo H.
Business Owner

“True pioneers like Kevin Kennemer are rare. He accomplishes the amazing feat of challenging colleagues and clients to act ethically at a time when ‘business ethics’ in the U.S. is almost an oxymoron. I trust him as a valued partner to whom I turn for advice. His clients trust him. And employees everywhere will be able to trust The People Group’s Certified Great Workplace designation when seeking work with a reputable exemplar employer.”

Dr. Gary N.
Non-Profit Organization Founder

“I highly recommend Kevin Kennemer’s excellent and tireless efforts promoting great workplaces and helping companies improve their people practices. Kevin’s wealth of experience developing and executing corporate human resources strategies will be an asset to any company lucky enough to retain his services.”

Asher A.
Business Owner

“Thank you very much for speaking to our ethics and HR clubs.  Your talk on “Living with Integrity in the Toxic World of Work” elicited more interaction with the audience than previous presentations.”

Dr. Tom S.
Business School Professor

“I have known Kevin Kennemer for over 20 years. He is a consummate professional with unique insights and instincts when it comes to all aspects of managing people. Kevin understands the impact that corporate culture has on results and gets it right when it comes to workplace dynamics.”

Scott A.
Business Owner

“Kevin Kennemer recently delivered a two-hour presentation called “Living with Ethics & Integrity in the Toxic World of Work” to the Tulsa Chapter of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs. Kevin brought a fresh perspective to the concept of good and bad influences in the workplace while using a multimedia show to demonstrate how your co-workers can impact your behavior and your view of other. He received excellent reviews from the 70 people in attendance.”

Jim S.
Accounting Executive

“Kevin Kennemer is truly dedicated to promoting civilized behavior in the workplace! Kevin visited my graduate-level HR class to talk with my students about positive people practices. The students and I truly enjoyed his talk as Kevin is one of those presenters who is uniquely adept at engaging his audience with just the right mix of research-based evidence, illustrative anecdotes, and humorous stories. His presentation made a lasting impact on my students regarding how effective (or ineffective) management of human resources can make (or break) an organization.”

Dr. Jennifer K.
Graduate College Associate Dean

“I have had the great privilege of knowing and working with Kevin Kennemer for over a decade now and know him to be a faithful, thoughtful and honest leader and entrepreneur in our community. His experience, insight and humor are invaluable to organizations needing first time training or refresher courses on positive people management practices.”

Traci K.
Human Resources Professional

“I have worked with Kevin Kennemer in the development of several internship programs for a Tulsa organization. It was a pleasure to develop and organize these important programs, and I genuinely appreciated the focus he provided towards producing a thoughtful and results-oriented event. Kevin is a positive and motivating individual whose goal is always to provide the best support and direction to his clients–both internal and external.”

Debra A.
HR Professional

“My business relationship with Kevin has always been a very open and honest relationship that allowed us to cope with and resolve many difficult, challenging internal issues. I have the utmost respect for Kevin, his knowledge and his professionalism in any situation. He has integrity and compassion, always striving to do what is right. Kevin is not only a valued business associate, but a friend.”

Frank P.
Energy Industry Executive

“Listening to Kevin Kennemer present is well worth every minute! His knowledge and personal insights are relevant and applicable. The difference with Kevin is that he really cares about individual successes, and that’s what leads to success in the work environment. I see Kevin changing the way America does business!”

Natalie A.
Business Executive

“When I think of the true HR Professional, Kevin Kennemer is the gold standard. I have had the privilege of working with Kevin as an HR partner in recruiting, developing and retaining talent. He is a strategic thinker who continues to positively impact every organization in which he is associated.”

Tammy B.
Business Owner

“I met Kevin in 2003 while conducting a search on workplace bullying. At that time, I was working in a wonderful corporate job at the time. Unfortunately, I faced a bully boss who was intentionally cruel but was lucky enough to receive help from Kevin. After becoming ill as a result my boss’s abuse, I had to do something. I started reading Kevin’s website, researching bullies and began rebuilding my life. Fast forward to 2017. I no longer work in that toxic environment by choice, and I have the most amazing career now which I have created myself. I can red flag a bully when I see one, and I know what steps to take to protect myself and others from the behavior. Thanks to Kevin, I am braver, smarter and stronger in the face of a bully. I have the tools now to continue my work without being defeated by them.”

Karen C.
Business Owner / Marketing Consultant