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What We Do

Our Mission

Energize client performance, employee well-being, leadership effectiveness, and the community by advocating for and building award-winning best places to work.

Benefits to You

Increased productivity

Increased number of applications for each open position

Attract better talent

Employees are less resistant to change

Employees are more engaged and invested in company

Lower health care costs

Lower worker’s compensation costs

Lower absenteeism rates

Lower turnover

Higher quality products and services

Improved financial performance

Improve the profitability and growth of your business

One of the most important things you can do to enhance the psychological and emotional well-being of your employees

Enhances the quality of life for employees, reduces stress and increases the happiness quotient

Employees are in their productivity and creativity zone faster and longer

Great places to work contribute to society through economic growth, volunteerism and contributions to charitable organizations

A Message from Kevin Kennemer, Principal

My number one passion is to help clients improve their organization’s financial performance with the creation of a great workplace for employees. I am more than a human resource consultant. I am a people professional who has the experience linking employee-friendly company cultures to increased productivity and company profitability.

These questions are key in the beginning of your journey as an award-winning Best Place to Work.

  • Are your employees energized and productive?
  • Would your employees consider your company a great place to work?
  • Can you recruit valuable talent with minimal effort and retain them once they are on the team?
  • Does your company possess a distinct competitive advantage over your competition?

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