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Your brain needs a vacation

Your brain needs a vacation

Are you approaching the end of summer without taking a vacation? Research shows that vacations are very good for your physical and mental health, despite the fact you might be inundated with work when you return.  American workers like to brag about all their unused vacation thinking they are extraordinarily committed employees.  Think again.

According to Colleen Canney, associate editor with Live Right Live Well, you should rethink your vacation hoarding strategy.  Researches have discovered a cruise ship load of information putting a positive spin on vacation in Canney’s article, “Four Reasons Your Brain Needs a Vacation.”

The Benefits of Vacation

  1. Improves Memory – Your brain likes to experience new things, and when it does, it releases happy chemicals that improve your outlook on life, improves your memory – and get this – helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Increases Creativity – French and American researches have found that vacations improve problem-solving abilities and increases your mind’s creativity because your brain increases connections when you try new things.
  3. Sharpens Mental Focus – Vacations reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body. Researchers found that when you are frazzled your prefrontal cortex becomes so overwhelmed you cannot focus.
  4. Boosts Reaction Time – Your sleep quality increases during vacations, increasing your reaction times and overall brain health.

Go to your favorite travel site right now and book that long-awaited vacation. You will return a better employee.

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