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Terrible things that naturally occur in organizations

August 22nd, 2011

Scott Blanchard, executive vice president and motivational speaker with Ken Blanchard Companies, talks about an important dynamic of organizational culture.  Blanchard brings to light a very interesting quote from the late Peter Drucker, famous business thinker and management consultant, concerning the natural progression of an organization’s culture if leaders are not actively involved in the molding of the work environment.  Here’s the quote:

The only things that naturally happen in an organization are fear, frustration, inefficiency, friction, and political mayhem.

– Peter Drucker

The active involvement of leadership in the creation of a positive company culture is critically important to the success of the company.  Without a clear vision, the organization will evolve into something toxic.  I have been in one of those environments and it is a miserable experience.  Sure, you might receive a paycheck every two weeks, but at what price to your mental and physical health.  And in reality the prognosis of the organization’s future is not very bright.

Watch this short video by Scott Blanchard.

Does your company have the following?

  • A clear vision
  • A plan to get there
  • The leadership tenacity to stick with the plan

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