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Hiring Only Beautiful People

Hiring Only Beautiful People

There was a Pantene shampoo commercial in the 1980’s showing a woman in the shower who says, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” In the workplace, many organizations love you because you are beautiful.  Advertisers know that sex appeal sells.  Sex appeal helps people in the job market as well.  Beautiful people go to the front of the employment line.

Drugs and Beauty

Have you ever been seated in the lobby of a doctor’s office and watched as the pharmaceutical sales representatives wait for their appointment? Most are beautiful women. The kind of women who could wear a feed sack and still look terrific. The male pharma reps could pose for GQ Magazine.

This beauty-fueled pharmaceutical game should leave you with an uncomfortable feeling. It could be that our trusted doctors and their staff prescribe the latest medicine based on the “hotness” of the pharmaceutical company’s sales staff?  Sex appeal may determine which brand of drug patients are prescribed.

Overweight People Must Work Harder

I remember a comedian telling his audience, “Fat people have to work harder.”  Overweight comedians might be funny but in the office it’s not so comical.  You remember elementary school? Children are brutally honest and will routinely make fun of overweight kids. Bullying might be a better term for this. Those same bully kids who called fellow students “fatso” grew up and now work in the corner office.

If you are overweight and/or beauty challenged, working relationships might get a little rough for you in the workplace.  You might have to produce more than your beautiful and thin coworkers to obtain the respect they garner.


At this point I suspect those who feel overweight or not-so-beautiful understand this article. I am saying things people know but just don’t verbalize in writing. If you are a workplace beauty, on the other hand, you may not be convinced you have an upper-hand in the career game. Some good-looking women may feel they are discriminated against because they are too good looking.  I suppose that could happen too.  According to, a recent study has shown attractive people earn five percent more than their average-looking counterparts. Let’s move on.

My Story

Before you come unglued and think I am totally insensitive and have lost my mind, let me tell you my story. Keep in mind I am a workplace consultant and this is my line of work; organizational behavior.  Neither do I consider myself outwardly good-looking or thin.

One time a businessman told me I needed to lose weight.  Was he concerned about my health? No. He was being rude and trying to gain an advantage by insulting me. My weight was none of his business.

Several years later a CEO mentioned to me I had gained some weight and I needed to lose it.  At the time I was dealing with some personal issues and had actually gained some weight, however, that kind of advice should never be given by an employer. This creates an unfriendly, if not hostile, work environment.

Beauty, Weight and Disability Challenges

Beauty, weight and disabilities are all areas where employers should tread carefully.  Keep in mind I am talking ethics, not laws. It is perfectly legal to discriminate against ugly and overweight people in the U.S.  However, it is not ethical.

Who gets invited to the company’s annual report photo shoot?  Beautiful employees.

Who receives an invitation to the employee benefits video filming? Beautiful employees.

Who receives second and third notices about the weight watchers program? Overweight employees.

Are weight management programs realistically for the health of the employee or under the radar company image compliance programs? You guessed it. Workplace health programs are typically aimed at thinning up overweight people and improving the company’s outward image.

Serious About Healthy Workplaces?

Maintaining a healthy weight is a good, individual goal. However, if companies were truly concerned about the health of their employees, they should fire their workplace bullies who cause, anxiety, fear, clinical depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and a host of other costly medical and business expenses.  I suspect workplace bullies cost as much if not more in turnover, time off, business interruption expenses and cause nervous people to overeat than overweight people cost the company’s medical and time-off plan.

Legal to Discriminate

Did you know it is perfectly legal to discriminate based on good looks in most U.S. jurisdictions? There are companies who seem to be unusually focused on the outward appearance of the employee.  These employers are not simply concerned with an applicant’s wardrobe, social and job skills, they are enamored by beauty, attractiveness and good looks, both male and female.

Eye Candy as Requisite Skill

I once met an executive who demanded the company’s receptionist be hired as eye candy for the other executives.  Was this an illegal demand? No, it was not illegal but certainly an unethical hiring practice if one is not basing hiring decisions on skills and capabilities.  In America, it is perfectly legal to hire only beautiful people and drop kick ugly and overweight applicants, assuming the beauties have the requisite skills.

Outward Appearance vs. Inward Character

Sunday School teaches you a great deal about life when you are young. When I was a young boy I remember being taught an Old Testament scripture. It comforts me to know that according to the Bible’s teachings, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” In the game of life, people may look at our outward appearance but God looks at our inner character.

I suspect the Great Workplaces across America have also tapped into the character of employees rather than their outward appearance.  Great character comes in all shapes and sizes.  As an employer, I would much rather recruit those with high moral character, a servant’s heart, a strong work ethic and the desire to treat all people with trust and respect. It’s what is inside that really matters.

Why Open this Can of Worms?

With the rising unemployment rate there will be increased competition as more workers apply for fewer jobs.  It is likely many unemployed workers will be unprepared for the new wave of vanity that will sweep across American workplaces.  You have heard, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I submit to you, beauty and jobs are in the eye of the employer.


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Kevin Kennemer is founder of The People Group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin is driven by his passion for company owners and their need to earn a profit, employees' desire for a positive and fulfilling work experience, and the community that benefits when both groups do well.


  1. Anna Morris 15 years ago

    Good article you made some good points.

  2. Annie 14 years ago

    I totally agree. I’ve been unemployed since October of 2009. As a college student, I just would be happy getting a job as a waitress or something. Being overweight, I am often overlooked in the line of people applying for jobs. I guarantee that the employers are probably thinking “Well, yeah, she is bubbly and nice, but she’s fat…” It’s frustrating to say the least when I see someone I know that is a complete MORON but SKINNY get a job over me who is smart, artistic, and bubbly but overweight. At this rate, I’ll end up having to work at a crappy fast food place or something. Most of them don’t discriminate against weight but man…I would sooner hang myself before working a place like that…What’s worse is that people just think that being overweight, I sit there all day and eat cake and cookies which is utterly untrue. I don’t overeat and I try my darndest to eat healthy. It’s just much harder for some to lose weight than others. Even with exercise and proper diet, I have never been able to lose more than 15 pounds.

  3. Jennifer 14 years ago

    You know what group of professionals hires young, attractive women more than any other (except for perhaps Hooters?) — doctors and dentists. I have NEVER gone to a dentist, doctor, or orthodontist whose entire staff is not female and under 40 except for their RNs. The receptionists, assistants, hygienists, etc., are always pretty young things. I noticed this even when I was in my 20s. My son is 21 and overweight and wants to pursue a career as an xray tech. I think he can be successful in it, but only if he applies to hospitals. No imaging company run by a male doc will ever hire him.

  4. Gavin Stanley 14 years ago

    Thanks for putting together The People Group » Blog Archive » Hiring Only Beautiful People I am enjoying your posts. Would you consider a guest post? You can see my post style at and certainly I would be interested in having you post an article or two on my blog, what do you think?

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