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5 Steps When an Employer is Sucking Out Your Soul

5 Steps When an Employer is Sucking Out Your Soul

What should you do when your employer is sucking out your soul?

You are working for an employer that is not good to you or for you. It’s like smoking a pack of cigarettes every day because you “need” them but they are killing you on the inside.

So, what should you do about this unhealthy addiction to a toxic workplace simply because you need the money to survive? Here are my thoughts on your recovery plan:

#1 Eliminate Debt

Accumulating debt is a noose around your neck. It makes you a prisoner to a preconceived lifestyle. You need to leave a job but you also have financial commitments to meet. Free yourself to pursue your goals and start eliminating debt holding you back from your dream.

#2 Talk to a Trusted Friend

You cannot talk to just anyone about your situation. There are well-meaning people who believe working in a toxic environment is worth it in exchange for a good paycheck. Nonsense. I was raised to find a job and keep that job no matter if you like it or the boss mistreats employees. Find a friend who will hear you out and give good advice, if you want it. Simply talking to someone will be good therapy.

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#3 Find a Therapist

Since I mentioned therapy, you should consider finding a good therapist. If you are working in a toxic environment that is sucking out your soul, you need to find a doctor for your mind. If it feels better, call your therapist a life coach. You cannot separate your body from your mind. If you are enduring a difficult work life, it is only a matter of time before your mental anguish will translate into physical ailments. Find a therapist who will help you deal with that mental anguish before you end up in the hospital with a heart condition.

#4 Initiate a Work Search Strategy

You need to develop an exit plan from your current job. A work search could involve starting your own consulting gig or finding a new employer. Consulting gigs are sometimes the best medicine for your work life dilemma. I have found consultants are treated much better by clients and their recommendations are received very well, compared to inside employees. You need to determine your next step; find a reputable recruiter to help you land that next job, look for independent consulting opportunities, or both.

#5 Start Networking

The best jobs or consulting opportunities are found by networking with other professionals, friends, and even family. This doesn’t mean mindlessly handing out business cards with the hopes someone will call you. This means meeting with people, having coffee, and genuinely wanting to visit and get to know others. People can easily scout out a networker with ulterior motives. Enjoy your networking experience, ask people questions about themselves, and it will be a good experience for everyone.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of actions to escape a soul crushing work experience. The main strategy is to realize life doesn’t have to be this way and start planning your next move. Make a plan for the work and life you want.

Kevin Kennemer is founder of The People Group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin is driven by his passion for company owners and their need to earn a profit, employees' desire for a positive and fulfilling work experience, and the community that benefits when both groups do well.


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