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10 Workplace Freedoms to Remember

10 Workplace Freedoms to Remember

With the Thanksgiving Holiday happening tomorrow, along with football, food, spending time with friends, family, and loved ones, I want you to know how thankful I am for my clients, readers of my blog, subscribers to our newsletter and friends on social media. And I especially appreciate those of you who help spread the word about Building Great Workplaces.

Realizing we have much to be thankful for in America, the land of the free, I wanted to share my list of 10 Workplace Freedoms for which I am thankful:

10 Workplace Freedoms to Remember

#1 Any workplace CEO is free to choose to transform their company into a Great Place to Work, regardless how toxic their current workplace is to employees.

#2 Americans remain free to choose their career and their employer.

#3 Employers are free to choose their people, based on skills and organizational fit.

#4 Great Workplaces attract the best talent, making it easier for high-value candidates in the job market to find a very good employer who cares for its people.

#5 The list of Great Workplace Advocates is growing:

#6 If an employee decides to leave a company, he can voluntarily leave a company and start his own business and become wildly successful. (It happens all the time in the U.S.A.)

#7 The movement to build a Great Workplace is rapidly gaining momentum from sincere CEO’s.

#8 Humble CEO’s, like Tony Hsieh, Zappos, are helping spread the message about the strategic importance of a great company culture.

#9, an innovative way to learn about positive company cultures.

#10 The freedom to write about important workplace issues for CEO’s, leaders, managers and employees. It is my hope you will continue following my blog, The Chief People Officer, plus invite a bunch of friends and company leaders to our website at The People Group.

Kevin Kennemer is founder of The People Group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin is driven by his passion for company owners and their need to earn a profit, employees' desire for a positive and fulfilling work experience, and the community that benefits when both groups do well.


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