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Standing Up for What’s Right

Standing Up for What’s Right

bravery cowardice conformity Will you stand up for what’s right in the face of adversity?

The men or women who possess the conviction to do what is right, regardless of personal sacrifice, are desperately needed in business today.  The business community has lost its way. That’s why we need selfless, brave people to step forward. The brave action of standing up to unethical leaders or peers could possibly save your company, jobs, retirement funds, mortgages, college funds, and a great deal of financial and emotional heartache in your community.

More stuff creates conformity.

Our willingness to stand up against unethical and/or illegal business practices can be diminished in proportion to the higher we move up the corporate ladder. As we move up the corporate and societal food chain, our materialistic culture speaks softly in our ear and tells us we need more money, power, prestige, position, bigger homes and the latest vehicle. If we are not careful, we lose touch with the important things in life. We become high-society corporate conformists more comfortable with the gray areas of business.

Right and wrong becomes a naive notion.

Becoming drunk on power, we are blinded by our transmutation.  With access to all these fun toys, our willingness to stand up against what’s wrong becomes, in our opinion, a silly notion only naive amateurs pursue.

Whistle-blowers sacrifice for the good of others.

According to the Ethics and Compliance Initiative in Washington, D.C., at least twenty-two percent of whistle-blowers lose their jobs as a result of possessing the fortitude to report unethical or illegal activity. That does not take into account those who were psychologically abused while continuing to work but refusing to quit.

Say goodbye to your stuff.  

If you stand up for what is right after your accumulation of all these nice things, you need to be congratulated. You are an extremely rare individual. If you stand up to a high-ranking executive, it is very likely within weeks or months you will be saying goodbye to your beautiful house, nice cars, extra cash, big retirement account and other stuff. Most people cannot do what is right when all these possessions could be on the line.

Counting the cost.

The people who stand up against wrong have already thought through their potential losses, yet their compulsion to do what is right far outweighs overlooking what is wrong. If someone does not stand up, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of employees jobs, mortgages, car loans, college opportunities for children and retirement funds may all be at risk.

In the event you are faced with the decision to stand up to unethical and/or illegal business activity, the act of standing up to powerful authority figures can lead to earth-shattering consequences.

Thankful for brave businessmen and women.

I am thankful for those brave people who, despite the enormous cost, stand up for what is right to save their company, jobs, and quite possibly, their community.

If you have seen or experienced loss as the result of refusing to conform, please share your comments.


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Kevin Kennemer is founder of The People Group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin is driven by his passion for company owners and their need to earn a profit, employees' desire for a positive and fulfilling work experience, and the community that benefits when both groups do well.


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