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5 Steps to Eliminate Bossholes

5 Steps to Eliminate Bossholes

Bossholes are a big problem. An even bigger problem is that CEO’s find the truth hard to believe when one of their lieutenants is accused of bossholing. When employee relations issues negatively impact morale, quality and productivity, some leaders like to run from the truth.

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Certified bossholes damage the company’s morale and decimate trust in leadership. The good news is there is a five-step program to eliminate these psychopathic predators from your organization.

Step #1: Admit Bossholes are Bad for Business

Face the facts and recognize jerkholes and bossholes are bad for the organization. Collectively as a leadership team, take the truth syrum and walk into the light. There are old-guard CEO’s who believe a few bad characters scattered throughout the organization increase productivity. Great companies purge people who create turmoil at work.

Step #2: Understand Bossholes are Expert Kiss-Ups

Understand that bossholes are masters at managing up, kissing up and brown-nosing while kicking down the corporate ladder.  While you are feeling good about the bosshole, he is instilling fear in your organization. As the CEO, a bosshole who is your direct report makes you feel good when you are around them.  It feels good to have your back end massaged by these clever manipulators.  They are experts at massaging your backside in order to protect theirs.

Step #3: Adopt, Model and Promote Your Company’s Code of Conduct

I recommend your company adopt a No Jerk Rule.  The most recent U.S. Workplace Bullying Institute Survey reveals that 19% of Americans have current or past direct experience with abusive conduct at work.  That is almost 1 out of 5 employees. There is also evidence of managerial malpractice as 61% of workplace bullies are members of management. This is why employee relations horror stories continue at work.

Step #4: Require Thorough Investigations and No Cover-Ups

Make sure human resources completely investigates claims of bosshole behavior. The typical response will be for HR to conspire with or feel pressure from politically powerful managers and eventually assist in the firing of the targeted employee.  This allows the evidence to be terminated and walk out the front door.  In other words, bossholes like to eliminate their dirty laundry.  Require HR to document the behavior, obtain witness accounts and submit a full written report to the CEO office.  Identify patterns of behavior and provide support to human resources when they recommend bullies and jerks undergo counseling.  Finally, terminate jerks if they don’t straighten up, regardless of their position in the company.

Step #5: Communicate to Stakeholders Your Company is a Jerk-Free Zone

Communicate to employees, applicants and stakeholders your company is a Jerk-Free Zone.  Don’t even permit customers to treat your employees terribly.  If you want to create a high-performance team environment, protect your employees. Develop lofty goals for your team members and create high performance expectations.  Driving out fear in the workplace will almost ensure your organization will be successful. Follow these five steps and brace yourself for success.

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Kevin Kennemer is founder of The People Group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin is driven by his passion for company owners and their need to earn a profit, employees' desire for a positive and fulfilling work experience, and the community that benefits when both groups do well.

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  1. Definitely Hear You 13 years ago

    Not too long ago I had an asshole boss who would pull me, a top performer, off of clinching an $80,000.00 account for the asinine purpose of cutting out snowflakes as a “team-building’ exercise. And because I didn’t want to cut out f*n snowflakes, she labeled me a non-team player. Every time I reported Princess Crazy to HR for something, they re-directed me straight into her waiting arms. This woman really and truly was crazy. Once because I said I thought Johnny Depp was handsome, she jumped all down my throat, growling “Johnny Depp is mine! All mine!” Okay, Princess Crazy, no harm meant, really. Never mind that Vanessa Paradis makes you look like Alpo, it’s all good, really.

    I finally quit, taking all of my skills, experience, and revenue earning potential with me. Sorry, life’s much too short, and no company can possibly pay you enough to sacrifice your mental/physical health working for a nut like that.

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