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Chicken Pox, Benadryl and Fun at Work

Chicken Pox, Benadryl and Fun at Work

The workplace should include more than just work.  Productivity and teamwork increases when you make room for fun. It helps relieve the tension and stress that naturally builds even in a good work environment.

In the early 90’s I had a human resource coworker who was the instigator of some very funny, and somewhat annoying, pranks.  I think she liked to harass me as a hobby at work. But it was fun and made people laugh.

Around that time my five year old daughter came down with the chicken pox.  Somehow I had avoided that dreaded childhood disease as I was growing up. But as a 30 year old father of a young child, I came down with it too.  So there we were, both my daughter and I at home with the chicken pox. It took several days to recover, plus lots of Benadryl to relieve the itching.

When I was able to return to work I was not expecting what would happen at the office.  After dropping off my daughter at daycare and driving to work (not impaired by Benadryl), I entered our company’s human resource office – every team member had placed red polka-dot stickers all over their faces. It was totally ridiculous and hilarious. We all had a great laugh that morning.

Having fun and doing practical jokes is not against the law. It should not be against company policy either.  If you are not having some fun in your office, you are missing out on the camaraderie and teamwork that is a natural result of levity in the office.  Go get some work done today, but have some fun too.

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